Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Clinical and Social Psychological Perspectives 2nd ed. 2020 Edition

This book provides a broad overview of the history and practice of forensic psychology, illustrating the principles of how psychological knowledge can inform judges and juries in the U.S. legal system with reference to several high publicity cases. The second edition contains new case law and discusses its implications in the major areas of forensics, examining new developments in juvenile justice, malpractice complaints, and reproductive rights, among other topics.

The authors address specific aspects of forensic psychology within seven distinct sections:

  1. What is Forensic Psychology?
  2. Understanding the Criminal Mind
  3. Can Psychologists Measure Pain and Suffering?
  4. Family Law and Fitness to Parent
  5. Juvenile Justice
  6. Legal Consultation Based on Social Psychology
  7. Practical Tips for Forensic Psychology Experts

An essential resource for current and aspiring forensic psychologists, the second edition of Introduction to Forensic Psychology serves as a thorough introduction to a complex field, featuring updated cases and related legal developments.